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Welcome to the Troop 202 Web Site! This site has several purposes: one, this site is an informational site for anyone looking into Scouting. Two, if anyone is looking to join a Boy Scout in the Cary, NC area; this may help you decide what you are looking for in a Troop. Three, this site is for members of Troop 202. Here they can check this year's calendar; also they check their patrol's information. Eventually only patrol members have access to their Patrol pages.

There are some things we do as a troop that other troops don't do, but then, at the same time they may do things that we don't. Some things we do are a camping trip per month, except in September we go to a theme park (usually Busch Gardens or King's Dominion) instead of a camping trip, in December we have a Popcorn Sales party instead of the trip, in January there are 2 trips: a High Adventure Trip and a Wilderness Survival trip, in June we go on a week long End of the Year Trip. We have troop meetings every Monday from 7:00 to 8:30 at St. Francis United Methodist Church, at Patrol Leader Coucil on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00. To see this month's PLC minutes, click here.

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Troop 202 Mission Statement: Our goal is to have fun advancing in life and rank while preparing for the successful completion of the End of the Year Trip. 

Troop 202 is proudly sponsored by St. Francis United Methodist Church Cary, NC.

For comments and questions, contact: Adam Crane Troop WebMaster (ChocoBoco@nc.rr.com)

Scoutmaster: Keith Leister